Where We Build Quarterbacks For Life...Not Just For Friday Nights


Born in 1970, I came into this world at a time when my hometown football team, the McGregor Bulldogs, was rising from the ashes.  And like most boys, whether you had any talent or not, you wanted to be a McGregor Bulldog.  By the end of the 1980's, McGregor football would experience success matched by only a handful of programs across the state of Texas.  During this decade of the 80's, McGregor won 108 games, won 8 district championships, and went to the playoffs 9 times.  In 1987, my senior year, I was blessed to quarterback a team that finished the season 14-1-1 and runner-up as State Champions.  Personally, I was named 1st Team All District, 1st Team Super Centex by the Waco Tribune, and 1st Team All State by the Dallas Morning News (2nd Team All State by the AP).  I readily admit that the personal accolades were simply the result of being a good player on a great team.


Although I had other opportunities to play football at smaller schools, I followed my lifelong dream and walked on to the University of Texas football team.  I played quarterback at UT....for 1 day!  There was not much use for a 5' 10" walk-on in the shadows of 2 blue-chip incoming freshmen.  I was moved to WR, where I stayed for 1 year.  Although I did not regret my time at Texas, I knew that I would never play any meaningful snaps for the Longhorns.  With an itch for playing the game I loved that would not go away, I transferred to Tarleton State and played 3 of my 4 seasons of eligibility (cut a season short by acceptance to law school).  By the time I left Tarleton, even though team success had been a bit disappointing, I had accumulated a few personal accomplishments, including being a 2 year starter at QB, Team MVP, and a handful of school records.  Although the number of wins was disappointing, the collegiate seasons had allowed me to play out my talent as long as possible.  Like the commercial says, by the time I had been accepted to law school, I knew that I was going pro in something other than football.


As a casual observer, one might think that my success at football came easy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The successes I enjoyed on the football field, the same ones that I want to pass on to other young men, were the result of hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and a burning passion for the game.  No matter the league, from Pop Warner through college, I never had any advantage by way of size or exceptional athleticism.  In high school, while waiting on God to tell my body to grow, I was passed over by all of my classmates and did not play a single meaningful down of varsity football until my senior year.  At times discouraged, I continued to work hard, remain coachable, and hold sight of my dream.  Ultimately, God had a plan and I lived it out.  Along the way, I learned many valuable lessons that have served me well in life.  Whether as a husband, father, lawyer, mayor, or preacher, the attributes of a good quarterback share a common thread - leadership and integrity - lived out at all times, not just Friday night.


At QBs 4LIFE, my desire is to coach young men to be great quarterbacks and great men off the field who are equipped to spiritually lead and serve their families, their community, and the everyday people with whom they come in contact.  We are Quarterbacks 4Life!