Where We Build Quarterbacks For Life...Not Just For Friday Nights


Quarterbacks 4Life is much more than just teaching young men about the details and techniques of playing the quarterback position.  There are many people and an endless supply of YouTube videos that can teach a guy how to throw a football.  At QB's 4Life we teach not only the essential QB skills it takes to be successful at the position, but just as important, we teach young men how to live on and off the field.  We mentor the skills that last a lifetime. 


Leadership, hard work, discipline, and self-motivation are all a part of our teaching and development program.  QB's 4Life is a way of living.  You are more than just a Quarterback on Friday nights.  You are a Quarterback in in all aspects of your life.  Successful Quarterbacks are those that lead, encourage, and serve.  These are qualities that should, and will follow you in everthing you do...from the classroom, to the field, to your circle of friends.  The only way to live this life is to be led by the Spirit. 


That's why at QB's 4Life we do more than just learn about playing the position.  We also learn and practice how to live.  For most of us, playing the positon is for fun and it is only for a brief period of our lives.  However, as men, we are called to lead, love, serve, and encourage for a lifetime.  Learning to be a good quarterback will teach you to lead a good life.  As recorded in John 10:10, Jesus told his disciples that he came so that his followers could have life and have it more abundantly.  My daily desire is to live by these words and to teach young men what it means to have life and how to pass it on to others.